You'll need the following measurements for the form that you will be filling out.
We've included a printable (PDF) worksheet for your convenience.
A: Center line length from top pin at ball socket to top pin hole of bottom clevis. Measure your stationary side link, usually on the left side of the tractor


A1: If both of your side links are adjustable, the collapsed length and the maximum extended working length (two measurements needed)

B: Center line length from top pin at ball socket to top of side link shaft

C: Outside diameter of ball socket housing

D: Ball socket pin diameter

E: Ball socket width

F: Amount of degrees of the top ball socket from the side link shaft; is the pin 90° to the side link shaft or something else?

G: Inside total depth of bottom clevis

H: Center line distance of top clevis pin hole of bottom clevis to inside top of bottom clevis

I: Center line distance of second bottom clevis hole from top hole of bottom clevis

J: Center line distance of third bottom clevis hole from second hole (should be same as I)

K: Slot for floating link clevis, contact us if your side link has this

L: Pin diameter size for lower clevis

M: Clevis width

N: Clevis width inside

O: Clevis width outside

P: Degrees of bottom clevis to the side link shaft. A straight clevis would have the clevis pin 90° to the side link shaft. How many degrees is your clevis pin to the side link shaft?
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